The Power of Global Trade by DHL

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DHL’s commitment to helping make the world a better place is as strong as it has ever been. Thankfully, in these uncertain times, not quite everything has changed.

Explore the Power
of Global Trade
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Global trade drives economic growth across every continent on our planet. Growth that brings better access to healthcare and education. And the more we strive to keep our borders open for business, the more human connections we make, the more we work together for the benefit of every one of us. Particularly right now. That’s why we’ve combined helpful business insights and notable global trade stories on this page.

Why we need

More Globalization
not Less

Globalization initiatives

In recent decades, we have seen how increased trade and interaction have raised prosperity and choice, reduced poverty, cultivated diversity and enriched lives culturally.

The following chapters highlight some of the initiatives and activities DHL have introduced to open up new markets, and help businesses and people alike, to understand and benefit from the opportunities of global trade.


DHL Global

DHL ConnectednessDHL Connectedness

Delivering a clearer picture of globalization

Everybody talks about 'globalization'. But how do we make it tangible and measure its development? And what are the most globalized countries and regions worldwide?

As the world's most international logistics company, DHL is uniquely positioned to help businesses separate the facts about globalization from fiction with the New 2020 DHL Global Connectedness Index (GCI).

A regular report providing a wealth of insights and reliable information, the GCI informs fact-based debate on globalization, helps business understand how it is evolving and emphasizes the importance of global commerce.

See what DHL Express CEO John Pearson has to say about global business and the world's connectedness in his interview below. And read our article exploring whether the world in 2020 is more connected or more distant than ever before.
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The Top Most Connected Countries 2020

  1. Netherlands
  2. Singapore
  3. Belgium
  4. United Arab Emirates
  5. Ireland
  6. Switzerland
  7. Luxembourg
  8. United Kingdom
  9. Denmark
  10. Malta


Global Trade
in Action

See how DHL has partnered with customers to connect people and improve lives.


Delivered halfway around the globe in 36 hours


Delivered to music lovers around the world


Delivered to customers worldwide in less than 48 hours

DHL Barometer Background


Global Trade

By tracking international trading data for 7 key economies, we are able to produce the Global Trade Barometer, giving business communities the greater insight on future global trade they’re looking for.

Barometer Arrow
Global Trade growth index
  1. India +5
  2. United Kingdom -2
  3. Japan -2
  4. Germany -2
  5. United States -1
  6. South Korea -2
  7. China -2
Barometer Arrow

Accurate predictability based on:

  • Import and export data from 7 countries
  • 240 million variables
  • Representing 75% of Global Trade
  • 3 month outlook for Global Trade
  • 10 industries from chemicals to vehicles
  • Updated 4 times a year


Go Trade

DHL Go Trade

Improving access to global trade for developing countries

International trade is recognised by the UN as an important means to achieving their 17 Sustainable Development Goals. That’s why in 2020, DPDHL launched GO TRADE.

Our goal - support sustainable economic growth by increasing the number and volume of SMEs trading cross-border. And support SMEs in the world’s developing and least developed countries to access global markets - a proven way to connect people and improve lives.